Edgewater, CO featured in the Denver Post

As a resident of Edgewater, CO I really enjoyed the recent article in the Denver Post about this small yet vibrant city near Denver.

See the full article on Denver Post’s website

Here are few reasons why I enjoy living in Edgewater, CO:

  1. Central location. The location is one of the best feature of this small city because it takes less than 10 minutes to get into the Downtown Denver and Cherry Creek. It takes only 20 minutes or so to get into the mountains going up I-70.  Also, you can be in Broomfield or Castle Rock in less than 45 minutes. The airport is less than 20 minutes away (depending on traffic).
  2. Variety of homes. Edgewater, CO has an array of eclectic homes ranging from new single family homes to turn of the century farm houses to 1950’s ramblers.  Every street offers something different.  For example the street I live on has a lot of 1950’s rambler style homes surrounding a gorgeous 3 story turn of the century all brick farm house.  Every day I drive down different streets and notice unique homes that I have not seen before.
  3. Close to Highlands/Sloans Lake. Directly across Sheridan are these two hip and trendy neighborhoods.  As the property values in these neighborhoods have increased it has had a positive effect on the Edgewater, CO housing market.  I believe that as the prices in these two neighborhoods increase, Edgewater, CO will be the next area that home-buyers will turn to, if they haven’t done so already.  For example the YTD average home  price from August 07 – August 08 was $187,494.   While the YTD home price from August 09 – August 10 was $198,614.
  4. Home of the Edgewater Inn. Literally one of the best pizza joints in the city.  If you haven’t been there already, it is a must!
  5. Fourth of July Fireworks Display. Every year they  have their annual fireworks display in which starts at dark in Citizen’s Park (24th & Chase).  We like to either go to the park or enjoy them on our back patio.

I will continue to post my favorite things about living in Edgewater, CO soon!

Edgewater, CO Map


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