SOLD: 8129 Chase Drive“When deciding to place my house on the market I had a strong feeling that it would be pretty difficult to sell in a timely manner, I called Leslie and she was able to help us right away. She did an amazing job putting this place on the market the day I decided I wanted to sell. She kept up with me and helped by giving us ideas on what we should do to sell the property even faster. She made the whole selling your property run smoothly and the most time efficient. With the situation I was in, I was nervous about our place selling at the price we wanted it to do. Twenty one days after being on the market and many showings later we got a contract. Leslie also made sure that our house appraised at its very best value. She exceeded our expectations put in a lot of hard work and effort on her part. We got our place sold fine and with her hard work we are on our way to close on another property. I would recommend Leslie to anybody that is looking now or even looking later to use as their agent. I feel that she is really knowledgeable with real estate. If you don’t want an agent that beats around the bush then she is the agent for you. I hope you have a happy buying experience and an even better one with a real estate agent like Leslie Monaco.”