1261 Pennsylvania Street #2“Leslie was a great real estate partner for me. I had started my search working with another company, and was not happy with my initial results. Leslie took the time to really understand what it is I was looking for, to the extent that I fully trusted her to screen properties when I wasn’t able to immediately come see them. I was buying at the peak of 2013, and faced a very competitive market during my search. Leslie was great at helping me to separate out the good buys from the inflated-priced options, and what would have good long-term value for me with my needs. It didn’t take too long for us to find the exact right property for me, and when we did, Leslie did everything she could to ensure I got it, which I did! The first-time home buying process is overwhelming, to say the least, and I really felt like I had a partner by my side to help get me through it.”