1244 Lipan StreetLeslie Monaco was great to work with finding our first home! From the very beginning she was always extremely professional. Leslie was always expedient with responses and completing anything we asked her for help with. I cannot tell you how many houses we got her to show us. I still feel bad for dragging her to almost every house in Denver, and she was so patient the entire time. Once she understood what we were going to really want, our process and determination for looking for a home, she was a house finding superhero. She would call us within 15 minutes of a house hitting the market, and say, “we have to see this house tomorrow,” and sure enough we would be the first ones to see a house. Leslie would even call us, or go see houses with us on her days off. We felt bad having her do that, but we all knew we had to be aggressive in the 2014 Denver housing market. Leslie was great at walking me though the process. She would patiently work with me through every question and concern I had regarding the process. Leslie is super sweet, and just plain amazing! She even stopped at to get us food one time when we were literally dying of hunger to make sure we could push-on to see all the homes we had on our list! Thank you Leslie! Like you said, “if it is meant to be, it will all work out.” I am glad we waited and worked so hard because we now live in the home that was everything we imagined!”