5 Ways to Sell Your Home — NOW

I wanted to share this video with you that I saw on msn.com and wanted to divulge further into the 5 ways to sell your home faster the video talks about.


  • Hire an agent that has an extensive marketing plan that targets a large audience.  Your REALTOR should combine these items into their marketing plan for your home sale:

1. Internet presence for both listing and agent

2.  Professional Photos

3.  Staging

4.Virtual Tour

5. Open House

  • Hire an agent that implements a detailed marketing plan will increase the number of buyers that see your home


  • It is very important to price the home in today’s market
  • Do not price a home for what you owe, purchased it for, or need for your down payment of your next home
  • Make sure you are the next sale in your neighborhood
  • Proper pricing will increase your net and decrease your frustration of a stagnant listing

Curb Appeal

  • Are buyers excited to see the home when they drive up?
  • Make sure that buyers do not drive by your home without wanting to view inside

Inside Presentation

  • Stage your home by removing clutter this will help a buyer vision their furniture filling the space
  • Create a sense of urgency to your prospective buyer that your home is ready to sell, NOW
  • Buyers can immediately tell when a home has been staged & will more likely focus on your home versus other homes that aren’t staged.

Offer Incentives

  • In today’s market Buyers are looking for incentives to help push them over the edge to purchase
  • Many Buyers to ask for help with their closing costs.  This is typically 3% – 4% of the purchase  price
  • Offering a home warranty  can also  give you a competitive edge



Thinking of selling your home, Contact me now to get started!

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