5 Things To Do Before Hiring An Agent

ATTENTION home buyers & sellers – It is very important that you do your research before hiring an agent to represent your best interests throughout your real estate transaction(s).  Here are 5 things to do before hiring an agent:

  1. Verify their license status through your state’s real estate division (Colorado Division of Real Estate – License Search).  Make sure their license is active and without disciplinary actions.  If there are disciplinary actions against them make sure you understand the severity of the complaint and are comfortable moving forward.
  2. Google them – You can find out a lot of information by just googling the agent (use quotation marks before and after their name, such as “Leslie Monaco” – this will provide you more direct results).  Do they have a positive Internet presence, which is very important when marketing your home?
  3. Request testimonials from previous clients and/or to speak with them directly.
  4. Do they provide a service guarantee? When you sign a listing contract with an agent in Colorado, you are legally bound to list your home for the time period stated in the contract. The contract does not allow you to terminate the agreement if the agent does not perform up to your expectations. You can only terminate the agreement if the agent has provided you with a separate written service guarantee. A written service guarantee allows you to terminate the listing agreement at any time if you are not satisfied with the Realtor’s service. If they don’t provide a service guarantee, you will be stuck with the agent regardless of the quality of work they perform during the term of your representation agreement.
  5. Interview other agents. It is very important to interview other agents to find the best agent that you will work best with.  The first agent you meet with may not be the best agent for you.  You should NEVER work with someone that you feel obligated to work with, including family.  Work with an agent that you feel will do the best job for you. For more questions to ask potential agents see: Seller Questions to Ask Your REALTOR® and Buyer Questions to Ask Your REALTOR®.

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