New Agents: 7 Tips from an Experienced Real Estate Agent

After a long week in real estate of dealing with rookie real estate agents, I have put together a list of 7 tips from an experienced real estate agent:

    1. Please have the curtesy to cancel showings with the showing coordinator. Not showing up for a showing time that was scheduled is not only frustrating to the sellers, but very frustrating to the seller’s agent.  We ultimately have to answer to our clients as to why you didn’t show up or have the common curtsey to cancel. You’ll understand when you are on the other side of the transaction and your clients get upset with you.
    2. Please double check your contracts that you submit. We can’t read your mind if you meant to put something in the contract but forgot.  We can only go off what we are presented with.  If you meant to ask for seller concessions, make sure it is written in the contract.
    3. Give the other agent time to respond to your client’s offer. Sending over an offer on a Saturday evening with an acceptance deadline of 10 AM Sunday morning is a sure way to upset the seller and their agent.  If you need a quick answer, call the agent and ask how quickly their client can respond.  Don’t assume that every client has access to electronic contracts.  The agent might have to arrange a physical meeting time to get a response to your offer.
    4. Please respond to feedback requests from showings. If you could respond to the email requests that we send you when you have showed one of our listings we would greatly appreciate it.  It saves us wasting our time and yours calling you over and over for feedback.
    5. If you mess up, don’t cover it up – admit when you are wrong. Trying to blame the other party or their agent involved in the transaction for your mistake is wrong and it creates unnecessary animosity for everyone.
    6. If you are going to submit a low ball offer call the listing agent before you do. The listing agent can give you a good idea if you are wasting your time submitting a low ball offer or not.
    7. Follow the golden rule. If you want to be treated with respect, make sure to treat others respectfully.  Selling and buying real estate can be stressful for all parties involved, not just the buyers and sellers.

Thank You

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