Thinking of Selling Your Home this Spring?

Thinking of Selling Your Home this Spring?

Below are 5 things you should start working on NOW if you want your home sold smoothly & for top dollar in 2012:

  1. Learn the local market. It is imperative that you understand the local real estate market, including market trends & local real estate values. You will also need to know what homes in your neighborhood have recently sold, are actively listed & currently under contract.
  2. Begin packing & de-cluttering. When preparing a home for sale, this is typically the most daunting & time consuming task of putting the home on the market. Start room by room packing & de-cluttering unnecessary items that you do not need in the next couple of months (e.g. winter clothes & jackets). Plus this will give you a head start once your home sells!
  3. Take care of deferred maintenance items. Chances are there are still items that were uncovered at your home inspection when you bought the home that you have not tended to. Now is the time to fix those items & any other items that need to be repaired or maintained. Getting a head start on these items on your own will help you avoid any unwanted surprises later on in the transaction.
  4. Know your timeline. Create a plan & timeline for how all the moving pieces will come together – including who is responsible for getting which tasks done.
  5. Contact me. I am happy to sit down with you to discuss each of these items in-depth & create a realistic approach to selling your home in 2012!

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