Real Estate Term of the Day: Cluster Housing

Real Estate Term of the Day: Cluster Housing

CLUSTER HOUSING – a subdivision technique in which detached dwelling units are grouped relatively close together, leaving open spaces as common areas (Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms)

The most common form of cluster housing is found in patio homes communities. Patio homes are generally smaller detached properties located on smaller lots.  Similar to single family homes, patio homes offer all of the benefits of a home, minus the hassle of exterior maintenance.  All of the exterior maintenance (such as cutting the grass, trimming trees/shrubs, exterior paint and the roof) are maintained by the HOA.

Cluster housing communities are popular with residents that like the idea of living in a home, but don’t want the maintenance of a large home or property.  Most communities will offer common spaces such as community pools, barbecue & outdoor seating, open spaces and greenbelts; and can be found in many golf course communities around Metro Denver.

If you would like to locate a cluster housing community near you, please contact me today!

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