Additional Services Offered

In addition to helping people buy and sell in Metro Denver, Leslie also offers other real estate related services, including:

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis of Your Home – A complete comparable market analysis which can be used for any purpose such as insurance valuation, estate purposes, real estate tax assessment disputes, or market valuation.
  • Complimentary Real Estate Consulting – If you are thinking about making any improvements to your home, Leslie can sit down with you and advise you on things Buyers are looking for and give you an idea of what your return on the investment will be.
  • Refinancing Analysis – Leslie will quickly tell you the viability of refinancing your home, what you’ll save and how long it will take to recapture the costs of refinancing. She will also make recommendations for securing the proper financing.
  • Help Lower Tax Assessment – Leslie will provide you an overview of the process to challenge your tax assessment and provide comparable sales to support your position.
  • Locate Neighborhoods to Rent In – Thinking about moving to Metro Denver?  Leslie can help identify neighborhoods that match your needs including: good schools, specific types of homes, commute times to work, etc.

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