Real Estate Term of the Day: Liquidated Damages

Real Estate Term of the Day: Liquidated Damages

LIQUIDATED DAMAGES – an amount agreed upon on in a contract that one party will pay the other in the event of a breach of contract (Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms) 

According to Section 21 of the Colorado Real Estate Commission approved Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate, liquidated damages (in the from of forfeited earnest money) is the automatic remedy if the Buyer is in Default.

Section 21 reads:

21. TIME OF ESSENCE, DEFAULT AND REMEDIES. Time is of the essence hereof. If any note or check received as Earnest Money hereunder or any other payment due hereunder is not paid, honored or tendered when due, or if any obligation hereunder is not performed or waived as herein provided, the nondefaulting party has the following remedies: 

21.1. If Buyer is in Default:

 21.1.1. Specific Performance. Seller may elect to treat this Contract as canceled, in which case all Earnest Money (whether or not paid by Buyer) will be paid to Seller and retained by Seller; and Seller may recover such damages as may be proper; or Seller may elect to treat this Contract as being in full force and effect and Seller has the right to specific performance or damages, or both.

21.1.2. Liquidated Damages, Applicable. This § 21.1.2 applies unless the box in § 21.1.1. is checked. All Earnest Money (whether or not paid by Buyer) will be paid to Seller, and retained by Seller. Both parties will thereafter be released from all obligations hereunder. It is agreed that the Earnest Money specified in § 4.1 is LIQUIDATED DAMAGES, and not a penalty, which amount the parties agree is fair and reasonable and (except as provided in §§ 10.4, 22, 23 and 24), said payment of Earnest Money is SELLER’S ONLY REMEDY for Buyer’s failure to perform the obligations of this Contract. Seller expressly waives the remedies of specific performance and additional damages.