Real Estate Term of the Day: Historic District, Historic Preservation, Historic Structure

Real Estate Term of the Day: Historic District, Historic Preservation, Historic Structure

HISTORIC DISTRICT – a designated area where the buildings are considered to have some significant historic character. Such designation makes the area eligible for certain federal assistance programs and protects the area from clearance in conjunction with federally sponsored programs (Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms) 

Did you know? There are 6,600 buildings in Denver’s 51 historic districts. In addition, Denver has 331 historic landmarks.

There are currently 51 historic districts in Denver:

  1. Larimer Square
  2. Humboldt Street
  3. Ninth Street Park
  4. Clements
  5. Montclair
  6. Civic Center
  7. Smith’s Ditch
  8. Morgan’s Subdivision
  9. No District Number 9
  10. W 28th Avenue – Stoneman’s Row
  11. Old Highlands Business
  12. Snell Subdivision
  13. Potter Highlands
  14. Lafayette Street
  15. Lower Downtown
  16. Speer Boulevard
  17. City Park Pavillion
  18. Country Club
  19. Quality Hill
  20. Witter – Cofield
  21. East Seventh Avenue
  22. Wyman
  23. East Park Place
  24. Outide of City Limits
  25. Curtis Park “B”
  26. Curtis Park “A”
  27. Lowry Technical Training Center
  28. Lowry Officer’s Row
  29. City Beautiful Parkways
  30. Curtis Park “C”
  31. Pennsylvania Street
  32. Curtis Park “D”
  33. Sherman Grant
  34. Clayton College
  35. Swallow Hill
  36. Alamo Placita
  37. Baker
  38. Downtown
  39. Country Club Gardens
  40. Welton Street
  41. Park Avenue
  42. Ballpark
  43. Driving Park
  44. Humboldt Street – Park Avenue
  45. Grant Street
  46. Wolff Place
  47. S. R. Deboer
  48. Curtis Park “E”
  49. Curtis Park “F”
  50. Curtis Park “G”
  51. Allen M. Ghost
  52. Curtis Park “H”

Historic Landmark Districts

HISTORIC PRESERVATION – effort, often with government sponsorship, to prevent the destruction of residential properties and commercial properties deemed of historical significance (Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms)


HISTORIC STRUCTURE –  a building that is officially recognized for its historic significance and therefore has special income tax status that encourages rehabilitation and discourages demolition or substantial alteration of the structure (Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms)

Union Station
Historic Landmark: Denver Union Station 1701 Wynkoop St Ordinance Number: 705 Ordinance Date: 10/5/2004