UPDATE: How Denver Ranks

Here are some new rankings of Denver that we’ve added to the How Denver Ranks page:

  • According to the Denver Business Journal, every year, the commercial real estate arm of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC ranks the best markets in the country for commercial real estate, and this year Denver came out on top (2015)
  • Forbes recently spotlighted the top places to invest in the new year, whether for investors looking for rental properties or young professionals looking to make their first home purchase. Denver ranked 7th on the list (Average home price: $278,130, Annual price growth: 10%, Population growth (2010-2013): 5.6%, Annual job growth: 2.6%) (2015)
  • Forbes ranked Denver as the 6th Fastest Growing Cities in America with a population growth in 2014 of 1.74%. The top 10 cities on the list included: Houston, Austin, Dallas, Raleigh, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, Fort Worth, Charlotte, and San Antonio (2015)
  • The Mile High City ranked No. 7 in Penske’s report of the top moving destinations in the United States for 2014 (2015)
  • According to a recent report by Clear Capital, the Denver metro is fourth on the “10 Metros Poised for Highest Price Gains” list (2015)


  • Denver and three other Colorado metro areas are among the nation’s top 20 “best-performing cities” of 2014, according to an annual report released by the Milken Institute. The report aims to identify “where America’s jobs are created and sustained.” (2015)
  • Denver ranks No. 4 on the latest Forbes list of the nation’s best places for business (2014)
  • The Mile High City ranks as the fifth-best place for millennial-aged entrepreneurs in a new study by NerdWallet that compares cities based on their friendliness to startups (2014)


  • The Mile High City ranked among the 20 best cities for singles in the country, according to NerdWallet’s most recent ranking titled, “Best Cities for Singles.” (2015)
  • The National Association of Realtors (NAR) named Denver on the list of Best Purchase Markets for Millennial Homebuyers. They analyzed 100 metro areas that have a large millennial presence, solid local job market conditions and strong migration patterns of young adults moving to that particular area to determine the best purchase prospects for young buyers. Housing affordability and inventory availability were also considered (2014)

The bottom line, Denver is a great place to live!!