Real Estate Term of the Day: Facade & Facade Easement

Real Estate Term of the Day: Facade & Facade Easement

FACADE – the outside front wall of a building (Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms)

FACADE EASEMENT – an arrangement in a historic preservation program whereby the owner agrees to retain the original facade of a building in exchange for the right to alter other exterior walls and the interior (Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms)

According to Historic Denver, there are three types of a landmark designation, each put in place to honor a building’s historical, architectural or geographical value.  A building can be listed on just one or all three levels.  The local designation is the only level of designation that requires review when alterations are made.  Check with your local county or city offices for more information about historic preservation.  If you are buying a home with a landmark designation it is important to understand the limitations of the designation.  Make sure to do your research and ask questions!

Below are some websites with more information about historic preservation:

See also: EASEMENT & Historic Denver’s Owner’s Manual For Historically Designated Homes & Buildings

Historically Designated Guide Cover

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