Real Estate Term of the Day: Attached Housing

Real Estate Term of the Day: Attached Housing

ATTACHED HOUSING (aka: Attached Single Family) – dwelling units that are attached to each other on at least one side, possibly divided from one another by a firewall or other physical partition.  Contrast with detached housing (Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms)

The two most common types of attached housing is:

  • A duplex
  • Town home

Benefits of Attached Housing:

  • Costs to repair exterior items can be less expensive
  • In Metro Denver, most attached housing projects (such as town homes) are located in communities with an HOA (members of the HOAs typically will pay a monthly HOA fee which will provide for the exterior maintenance of the attached home such as lawn care & roof maintenance)
  • Attached housing can offer the benefits of home ownership at a lower cost

If you are interested in finding attached housing suited for your needs, please contact me today!

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