Real Estate Term of the Day: Asbestos

Real Estate Term of the Day: Asbestos

ASBESTOS – insulation material frequently used in older buildings as pipe wrap, boiler insulation, floor tile, and ceiling coating (called Asbestos-Containing Material or ACM).  Asbestos may become brittle with age.  In that condition, it may crumble and release particles which, like dust, become airborne.  Breathing asbestos particles may cause several serious lung illnesses.  (Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms)

Visit the EPA’s informative website for more information about Asbestos in Your Home.

If your home was built during or before the early 1980s, there is a chance that ACM materials are present in your home.  Check out the Protect Your Family page on the EPA’s website about Asbestos.

See also: List of General Asbestos Abatement Contractors in Colorado.

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