Real Estate Term of the Day: Amenities

Real Estate Term of the Day: Amenities

AMENITIES – features that add to a property’s desirability (Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms)

To me the term amenities when applied to real estate are homes (single family, condo or town homes) that are located in a community where homeowners pay (typically through the HOA fees) to have access to things such as:

  • community pool
  • clubhouse
  • fitness center
  • tennis courts
  • use of washer/dryer (if located in condo/town home complex)
  • wireless internet
  • golf course access
  • lake access
  • concierge service (luxury condo units)
  • spa service (luxury condo units)
  • parking garage/valet (luxury condo units)

Other free amenities may include:

  • proximity to shopping, restaurants, schools
  • accessibility to public transportation (rail or bus)
  • parks (and/or dog parks)
  • hiking & biking trails

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