LoDo is named one of America’s Best and Most Transformed Neighborhood

Forbes.com has recently ranked LoDo (Lower Downtown) as one of the best neighborhoods in America; stating that “LoDo,” as the neighborhood is affectionately called, is both the old and new face of Denver.  Occupying 24 blocks, it’s the city’s original railroad and warehouse district, transformed (largely in part to a 1989 bond issue) into a vibrant shopping, dining and residential area. LoDo was a popular spot for revelers during the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Forbes.com also recently ranked LoDo (Lower Downtown) as one of the most transformed neighborhoods in America: stating that LoDo formerly a rundown warehouse district, Denver’s lower downtown area welcomed a restoration renaissance after $240 million in public funds were designated to cleaning up the streets and more than 100 Victorian warehouses and buildings were restored.


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