Denver is a Great Place for Fireworks!

According to, Denver ranks in the top cities to enjoy fireworks over the Fourth of July holiday.  This year my family and I enjoyed several fireworks shows around the town.  My favorite shows were:

  • Edgewater (July 3rd) – They have a great show which starts at dark in Citizen’s Park (24th & Chase) which we could see from our backyard
  • Pinehurst  Country Club (July 4th)  – Sat in the rain with our whole family to enjoy the show.  It was amazing and totally worth getting soaked!
  • Rockies Game (July 2nd & 3rd) –  I really wished we could have seen the fireworks at Coor’s Field after the Rockies game.  My family and I usually try and go to this as it is the best show in town in my opinion

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July and got to see some firework shows throughout Metro Denver!

Coors Field Fireworks

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